This List of the Best Treehouse Hotels Around the World Will Give You the Most Natural Experiences on Your Next Vacation

You have the place, you have the activities, but what about where you’ll lay your head to refuel for the next fun filled days to come? When planning for your vacation get away, you have to then ask the question, do you want a hotel, motel, or how about to sleep in the trees?

Yes, trees…There are numerous places that have taken your childhood memories of building treehouses with your dad into an adult reality dream stay. Peak your interest? Well, in this article we wanted to lend a helping hand in finding the best treehouse hotels in the world!

We wanted to take the liberty to help map out a variation of locations where these dream stays are located, prices, and brief description to find the one just right for your stay or near your desired getaway location.

Best Treehouse Hotels in the US

First, if you’re planning on keeping your exploring within the US, here are a few treehouse hotels that may be near your location!

Rivers Edge Treehouse Resort

Best Treehouse Hotels in the World - Rivers Edge Treehouse Resort

Location: Robbinsville, North Carolina

If you’re looking to create a Jane and Tarzan kind of romance. This treehouse hotel may be just the right place for you! This resort has been known for helping create those special moments with packages for your stay that include flower arrangements ($30) and even a ‘Romance Package’ ($45) with your desired customizations of course.

The resort rooms are limited for two occupants, with comfortable king memory foam beds, provided parking, and satellite TV.

  • Activities: Hiking the surrounding forests and parks, fishing (renting poles available), dining, barbecuing, picnics, and cornhole.
  • Price: $149.95 per night/double occupancy for two or more nights stay, $169.95 per night/double occupancy for one night stays.
  • Handicap Accessibility
  • Reserve by phone: 828-735-2228
  • Website Booking:

Treehouse Point

Best Treehouse Hotels in the World - Treehouse Point

Location: Issaquah, Washington

This resort is always a hot spot in Washington due to its ability to book the treehouse rooms for weddings, tours, or just a night stay. This resort is meant for a relaxing getaway so is limited to adults for night stays, but welcome children for tours.

There are six different treehouses you can choose from, each with their own personal forest touches! However due to the popularity of this location for pricing can vary so are required to fill out a form that specifies your specific needs and desires for your stay.

  • Activities: Farmers markets, hiking trails, dining, yoga, tai chi, hypnotherapy services.
  • Price: Check pricing here
  • Reserve by phone: 425-441-8087
  • Website Booking:

Vertical Horizons Treehouse Paradise

Best TreeHouse Hotels - Vertical Horizons Treehouse Paradise

Location: Cave Junction, Oregon

This location has no limitations to providing their guests with options on what to do during their stay! Everything from sleeping in the trees to zipping between them, this is a perfect spot for outdoor junkies who not only want a nature feel room but plenty of nature activities as well.

  • Activities: Zip-lining, wine tasting, white water rafting, hiking trails, tree climbing, fishing, disc golfing, crafts, dining.
  • Price: $260-$380 per night for two. Pricing depends on which treehouse you choose. Additional fees may include $40 cleaning charge and $65-$75 add-on pricing for additional individuals for the stay.
  • Reserve by phone: 541-592-4751
  • Website Booking:

Best Treehouse Hotels Around the World

Now for those of you looking to travel a bit farther and take your exploration and high-height stays even further, our list continues with the best treehouse hotels around the world:

Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel

Best TreeHouse Hotels - Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel

Location: Manaus, Brazil

If you’re looking for a stay that still holds some of the traditional styles of a hotel, then this towered beauty may be the spot for you! This hotel in Brazil consists of 288 rooms towered, overlooking the rainforest with five miles of catwalks for connection.

However, be prepared for a journey to reach this destination because the surrounding area consists of lush rainforest with an untouched eco-system for the most jungle experience you can get.

Each room is created for comfort where their guests are provided with their own balcony to overlook the Amazon River, queen/twin size beds, and even a mini-bar within your room. To book with this hotel, can use the website provided for tours or other travel sites.

  • Activities: Bird watching, butterfly watching, conservation projects, Caiman Lodge Private Villas, various tours, and horseback riding expedition.
  • Price: Must call for specific pricing.
  • Reserve by phone: +55 67 3042 4659
  • Website Booking:

Châteaux dans les Arbres

Best TreeHouse Hotels - Châteaux dans les Arbres

Location: Nojals-et-Clotte, France

You’ll feel like kings and queens when you stay in these castles designed treehouses!

There are six different treehouses for you to choose from for your stay. Depending on the treehouse you chose you will have the availability of a hot tub, sauna, and mini bar within your rooms. Reasons to stay in your castle domain and venture out for activities on the land.

  • Activities: Stroll along the Dordogne, canoeing/kayaking, hiking, equestrian or mountain biking, golf, Quad bike tours, Parcours Dans Les Arbres, riding stable, natural swimming, tennis, hot air balloon, journey by plane on the Dordogne valley
  • Price: $225-$360 per night. Prices vary by treehouse
  • Reserve by phone: +33 6 30 64 26 00
  • Website Booking:


Best Treehouse Hotels - Teehotel Sweden

Location: Harads, Sweden

Taking things to a more artistic viewpoint…literally. Next on our list of the best treehouse hotels in the world is a hotel with exquisitely designed rooms that definitely give you an experience much different than other treehouse hotels may provide.

You have numerous options for rooms to choose from including the Dragonfly, The Nest, The UFO, The Mirror Cube, The Cabin, The 7th Room, and The Blue Cone. These names raise any curiosity? Because they are truly unique pieces or art to behold.

  • Activities: Mountain biking, white water inflatable canoe, sea kayaking, zip-lining, tree sauna, moose safari, northern light photography, horseback riding, fishing, pizza making, hiking, tours, nature watches, and much more.
  • Price: $540.79-$1,324.36 per night depending on chose of a room.
  • Reserve by phone: +46 (0)928-103 00
  • Website Booking:

Tree House Lodge

Tree House Lodge - Best TreeHouse Hotels in the world

Location: Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica

At the Tree House Lodge, even though you came for the treehouse hotel you’re not limited to just that. This hotel provides five houses to choose from for your stay: The Beach House, The Garden House, The Crystal House, The Beach Suite, and yours truly – The Tree House.

This palm tree paradise Tree House Lodge is placed on tall stilts that are big enough for an entire family. The stay includes a double king sized bed, a second double bed, personal kitchen, wood carved furniture to keep that outdoor true feel, your very own flame heated hot tub, and a view of the forest view to die for.

  • Activities: Treehouse fitness, tours, yoga, wedding events, honeymoons, sightseeing, surfing, white water rafting, canopy tour.
  • Price: $300-$450 per night depending on the number of guests.
  • Reserve by phone: (506) 27500706
  • Website Booking:

Finca Bellavista Community

Best TreeHouse Hotels - Finca Bellavista Community

Location: Piedras Blancas, Costa Rica

This Community has thirteen treehouses for your choosing meant to help you reconnect with nature and disconnect from life’s distractions. There is no shortage of on-site and off-site, activities to help you do so!

All but two rooms take this as far as ridding itself from electricity completely. So, it’s up to you to decide if you’re ready to set that cell phone aside and truly commit yourself to a full nature and fun filled activity experience…or have best of both worlds by choosing a room that allows for each.

  • Activities: Spa, zip-lining, hiking, tours, waterfall & river swimming, birdwatching, mountain biking, garden tours, creative arts, hammock spots, yoga. Nearby: surfing and paddle board and boat tours.
  • Pricing: $100-$275 per night depending on chosen room.
  • Reserve by phone: No number due to the remote location. All communication is done through the website.
  • Website Booking:

Lake Manyara Tree Lodge

Best TreeHouse Hotels - Lake Manyara

Location: Lake Manyara, Tanzania

One of the best treehouse hotels, the Tree Lodge consists of ten treehouse suites that are built on stilts to keep you high off the ground and enjoying the forest view outside your personal porch. Each treehouse is filled with en-suite bathroom, outdoor bathroom areas, and contemporary furnished. This allows adding a tad of a classy feel to your outdoor stay.

However, the most amazing aspect about this Lodge is the wildlife experience so make sure to take advantage of the online chat availability to discuss the best option for you and your vacation to gain the most out of your stay! Taking in consideration of the time of year and location is crucial for your full beneficial joy. It’s also highly recommended to visit the Serengeti during your stay at the Lake Manyara Tree Lodge resort.

  • Activities: safaris, kite surfing, hiking, beaches, fishing, hot-air balloon rides.
  • Price: Dependable on time of year, location. Ask the online chat help for a detailed breakdown for your specific stay.
  • Reserve by phone: 1 866 3564691
  • Website Booking:

Tranquil Resort

Best Treehouse hotel - Tranquil Resort

Location: Wayanad, Kerala, India

Calling all coffee lovers! Wake up and smell the coffee…coming from right outside your window because this treehouse hotel not only allows you coffee for your early mornings but a view outside your balcony of the coffee plantation itself from 45 feet.

This cabin is named the Tranquilitree for good reason with its king-size bed and décor that radiates a rustic relaxing vibe and amenities meant to help you eliminate stress from your vacation and focus on the simple things.

  • Activities: Swimming pool, Ayurveda massages, hiking, bird watching, plantation tours.
  • Price: $170 -$185 per night.
  • Reserve by phone: +91 705 312 6407
  • Website Booking:

Playa Viva

Best Treehouse hotels - Playa Viva Treehouse Hotel

Location: Juluchuca, Mexico

This treehouse allows for an ocean view just a curtain swipe away! Feel the ocean breeze with this unique treehouse that is only six feet off the ground for those of you who aren’t fans of heights, but still want to experience a treehouse hotel.

Within the room, you are provided a king-size bed, small lounge area, and your very own in-floor hammock. The main focus of this getaway is to help with guest’s relaxation and building one’s health and awareness to self. Many accommodations provided are created around this focus.

  • Activities: Yoga, Garden-to-table (pick what you eat), beach walks, retreats, meditation, massage/spa services.
  • Price: $445-$620 depending on the holiday season.
  • Reserve by phone: 1 (800) 397-6093
  • Website Booking:

The Hapuku Lodge Treehouses

Best Tree House Hotels in the World - Hapuku Treehouse Lodge

Location: Kaikoura, New Zealand

The final in our list of the best treehouse hotels around the world ends in New Zealand. Visitors come not only for the treehouse but also for the most premier eco-marine friendly destinations. Each treehouse has an updated design that is both stylish and complimentary to the natural environment. Large windows help with the appreciation of the view.

Whether you are a home-body for your treehouse, on the water, or in the mountains this location allows for a various amount of activities and experiences to appreciate surroundings and wildlife. This treehouse allows for a comfortable night in the sky to lay your head after a busy day of traveling, swimming, or fishing.

  • Activities: Spa/sauna, ocean swimming, cooking classes, surfing lessons, picnics, fire and wine, massages, sea kayaking, dolphin encounters, swim with seals, fishing, whale watch, Albatross encounters, helicopter rides, horseback riding, skiing, hiking, cycling, golf, tours.
  • Price: $1,324-$1,812 per night depending on the treehouse.
  • Reserve by phone: +64 3 319 5641
  • Website Booking:

If you didn’t see a place that’s your fit in our list then here’s a list of other beautiful tree houses:

  • Lion Sands Resort (Kruger National Park, South Africa)
  • Loisaba Wilderness Resort (Nanyuki, Kenya)
  • Free Spirit Spheres
  • Vancouver Island, British Columbia
  • Bangkok Tree House
  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Nothofagus Hotel & Spa
  • Neltume, Chile
  • Sanya Nanshan Treehouse Resort and Beach Club
  • Hainan Island, China
  • Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica Canopy Tree House
  • Puerto Maldonado, Peru